Evaluation Services

Educational Diagnostician, Dyslexia Specialist

Dyslexia, Language and Learning Disabilities, Dysgraphia, Math, Reading, ADHD Screenings,

Intellectual Testing


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Arlington, TX


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The professional conducting the evaluation will determine what tests should be administered according to the needs of the individual being evaluated.

Full Psycho-Educational Testing Battery

(Dyslexia Testing Included)     

  •     Intellectual/Cognitive Ability (Cross-Battery Assessment)

  •     Academic/Achievement Battery   

           Reading, Written Expression, Spelling,

           Mathematics (Dyscalculia), Language

  •     Oral and Silent Reading Fluency, Writing and Math Fluency
  •     Phonological Processing
  •     Orthographic Processing
  •     Visual-Motor Testing and Visual Perception Testing
  •     Dysgraphia Screening
  •     Memory  
  •     ADHD Screening

Note: Some tests may not be available for adults over twenty-five or children under six.

Additional Services

  •  I will attend Special Education and 504 meetings ($100.00 an hour including travel)
  • Additional copies of reports, or forms to be completed for universities ($50.00)
  • Because of the extra time required for the report, assessments paid for by an ISD will be $1500.00.