Sarah Wright, Ph.D.

Educational Diagnostician, Dyslexia Specialist

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Private Consultations

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Workshops and Presentations Topics


Identifying Dyslexia, Strategies for Teaching Children who are Dyslexic, Reading, Strategies for Teaching Reading, Behavior Management for Teachers in the Classroom and for Parents, Identifying and Teaching the Gifted Dyslexic Child, Strategies for Teaching Writing, Special Education and Navigating the ARD, Teaching English as a Second Language, Being Learning Disabled and/or Dyslexic Every Day and All Day Long. 

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Questions you may have that I can answer.


What is dyslexia?


I am homeschooling my child who is not reading. What can I do to help?


How do I manage my child's frustrations and misbehavior?


My child is gifted and can't read. How can I get the teachers to listen to me?


I am dyslexic. I can't pass the SAT. Can I go to college?